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Most frequently asked questions

Are you a Fassi dealer or partner since most of your sold crane trucks are Fassi?

No, we are not. We are open to any crane or truck brand that the customer wants have on their crane truck configuration. 

What is it that you bring to the table/what do you actually do?

We are a crane truck bodybuilder that offers crane trucks as a turnkey service. We don't sell just bodybuilding but the whole package! This makes the acquisition of a new crane truck easier for the customer. 
Our service promise is to guarantee 360 degrees of reach at maximum capacity. Also, our strong knowledge of lifting business and bodybuilding gives the tools to understand our customer's needs.

Why are you so focused on big knuckle boom cranes?

This is a question that we get a lot. We have chosen to focus on over 70 t/m crane trucks.

We think the market for small cranes is saturated, so the return investment of a larger knuckle boom crane is better than a smaller one. Because of this, our interest is to lead our customers to invest in bigger crane trucks. Simply put, we feel that there's less competition in these sizes!
That is not to say that smaller knuckle boom cranes aren't needed in the lifting sector.

Our vision is that the crane industry will focus more and more on crane trucks replacing small mobile cranes. (Check more about this topic in our previous blog post!)

What are your product designations like KC92-4 or KC215LB-5?

For example, KC92-4 means: 

KC: Kurko Crane
92: 92 t/m crane
4: Four-axle truck

And KC215LB-5:

KC: Kurko Crane
215: 215 t/m crane
L: Long boom variant
B: Back mounted
5: Five axle truck

How are you connected to Kurko-Koponen Oy?

We are a sister company of Kurko-Koponen Oy and as such we make all of their crane trucks as well. Kurko Koponen Oy provides liftings services with a fleet of 50 crane trucks and mobile cranes, mini cranes and industrial cranes in Finland.

Are you aware that five-axle crane trucks don't work in Sweden or Europe in general because of weight limits?

Yes, we are aware, but since we have mostly done crane trucks for the Finnish market and here the weight limit for a five-axle truck is 42 ton. Our clients prefer to use it because they have a higher hauling capacity. For example, a KC115-5 can haul 12ton in Finland. If our customers in abroad want a five-axle crane with exceeds weights, we recommend to register it as a working machine. In this way, our customers should not have a problem with it.

You can read more about hauling capacity in the Swedish market on different configurations in an article about it.

Why would you ever buy a 165-215 t/m crane since the hauling capacity is minimal or nonexistent?

Our sister company's most profitable crane trucks year after year are of this size. And customers who have similar crane sizes tell the same. 
The market is not over saturated with them, you can do a wide variety of jobs with them, their lifting power at certain ranges matches even to a 60tn mobile crane.
In Finland and the trend is growing elsewhere too, knuckle boom cranes are eating away small mobile cranes jobs. 
But of course, you need to have crane trucks that are able to haul materials too to service your customers. Different crane sizes complement each other. 

Why should I buy from you?

1. Reliability and user-friendliness of our bodybuilding.
We make crane trucks for our sister company. So we have to make configurations that actually work and drivers give us constant feedback on what works and what doesn't. Our production facility is even in the same complex as one of our sister company's depots. Thanks to this, we are more ingrained in the lifting business. 

2. Rental service
Thanks to our sister company we have the possibility to rent their crane trucks to our customers momentarily if the need arises, nobody else can provide this service as of now! 

3. Maximum lifting capacity 360 degrees around the truck

We guarantee maximum lifting capacity 360 degrees around the truck. The shortest lifting radius, on behind the cabin cranes and now you can fully exploit it! 

4. Turnkey service

Why use your precious time to find the right crane, truck, and bodybuilder at the right price when you can just call us. The whole package as one helps you to get it the fastest and easiest way.
 Why do you show prices on your crane truck examples?

We are transparent and reliable partners and there is no need to hide any pieces of information. We feel that its a customer friendly approach.
More and more information is being sought out over the internet but in machine sales, even approximate price levels, are usually hidden behind a salesperson. 

Do you do only bodybuilding, since I've already ordered a crane and a truck/or I'd like to purchase them my self?

We are always interested but it depends on the circumstances and timing since our focus is on turnkey packages. Feel free to inquire :)  

Is it possible that you arrange the financing on my crane truck?

Yes, we can.

Do you have information or sell used crane trucks?

Yes and we also directly sell our sister company's used crane trucks. 

Can you take my old crane truck in exchange when I'm buying a new one from you, and compensate that from the overall price

On a case by case basis. 


The main work what we do for the chassis is barely seen, but this part of the process is under the eye. Storage boxes are an important aspect of the mounting process because their existence impacts vitally on the user friendless of the crane truck. Space for storage boxes is limited on a crane...

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After a lengthy time among customers, I've run to the same question many times. What on earth is Fassi long boom crane ? Fassi RAL means that the hydraulic extensions on the main boom and jib itself have been extended, ergo long boom variant. Whereas an RA is the standard version. For...

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Are you a Fassi dealer or partner since most of your sold crane trucks are Fassi? No, we are not. We are open to any crane or truck brand that the customer wants have on their crane truck configuration.  What is it that you bring to the table/what do you actually do? We are a...

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Searcher hook, S- boom, Hook height increaser, Swan's neck.  A beloved child has many names. This one piece of equipment is a force multiplier on cranes that is unfortunately obscure to many.  You can get 5,4tn s-boom for the jib and 16tn for the main boom. Its perfect for...

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  60tn Mobile Crane Vs.  215 t/m Crane Truck     -  ROUND 1- Sometimes lifting can come to a deadlock and ways of getting things done are none. This can happen if the right equipment is not used.  Using the right tools are more than word of the day in lifting...

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Havator Oy received their second Kurko Crane in a warmer weather this time 

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We made a little update to our team jerseys

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Manufacturing has over hundreds of years of remarkable history under the paper mill that dominates the skyline in our hometown. From shipbuilding under the Swedish crown and the Tsar imperium to repairing tanks in the 20th century, Varkaus is arguably one of the best cities in Finland to find...

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We were like others before. Our roots comes from mobile crane business with over 50 years of experience. Because of our background, we like to compare our Kurko Cranes to mobile cranes. Even though we greatly respect them and their users. Our line of KC115-KC215 is build to replace mobile...

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