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Knuckle boom crane versus mobile crane


60tn Mobile Crane Vs. 215 t/m Crane Truck  ROUND 1-

Sometimes lifting can come to a deadlock and ways of getting things done are none. This can happen if the right equipment is not used. 

Using the right tools are more than word of the day in lifting business and finding them is getting easier in this new era, where product development has found continually new ways to operate in lifting business. 

New crane products are coming to markets all the time and still, we see the same old way of doing things. This articles message is to encourage to try and look at possibilities to improve your lifting work.

And why I think there are better ways? Our roots come from mobile crane business with over 50 years of experience and we have seen, that nowadays many lifting works are done faster and more efficiently with knuckle boom crane trucks.

Knuckle booms are simply a way better to handle their works in most of the cases. Lifting really near is still the biggest strength of mobile cranes. I believe that lifting business will change strongly to knuckle boom cranes and lightweight mobile cranes will lose their interest more and more.

New models of knuckle booms have more strength and length than ten years ago. 215 t/m is new pride in knuckle boom cranes and I will explain soon you why. But first of all, Isn't 215 t/m more than 60tn of course? Well, the way of how these are calculated is different. 215 t/m is more consider from the view of theoretical lifting capacity. 60tn means in mobile cranes that weight that a mobile crane can lift from the nearest spot. It's hard to compare this two with the number of tons but from working it manifests itself. Under this chart, I will explain the differences of these crane types. As you can see, on the left side is a knuckle boom crane truck and in the right side a 60tn mobile crane.

Crane Truck Versus Mobile Crane.jpg


The best feature in mobile cranes is their brute strength in lifting near. I do not deny that mobile cranes are still better for lifting if it happens near. But as you know, many times lifting happens in long distances, because lifting from near is not possible. Also, we don't recommend to make a hole in the roof when you can go in through the window. 

As you can see from this chart; when lifting happens horizontally, mobile crane takes the second place. From a horizontal view, 60tn mobile crane can't lift anything from 40 meters away because mobile cranes hook and pulley block weight around 1tn in of its own. Whereas Fassi 2150 lifts 1tn from 40m away easily.

When you are viewing mobile cranes lifting chart you have to take into consideration the weight of its own lifting equipment. For example, horizontally at a distance of 24m, both cranes lift approximately an equal load. Time, money and men have been saved from unnecessary work in this way. Here is a picture of an example of how things are done right.



Sometimes working sites are difficult to approach and range for the cranes are limited. In some cases, these difficulties require a lot from the crane to get there. This is one of the hardest parts to mobile crane to be a competitor when the opposite choice is a crane truck. In this picture below, is an example of how a Kurko Crane truck can leave important space by using it's other supporting legs in a street and leave still a place for cars to pass it. Permits for closing streets are not needed! 

 Crane in a street.jpg


And most importantly, switching to knuckle booms you save some precious time to enjoy these warm summer days with work benefits.

- Kimmo Koponen



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  60tn Mobile Crane Vs.  215 t/m Crane Truck     -  ROUND 1- Sometimes lifting can come to a deadlock and ways of getting things done are none. This can happen if the right equipment is not used.  Using the right tools are more than word of the day in lifting...

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