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Experience comes from the real action

Kurko Crane has over 57 years of experience in the lifting business. Our sister company Kurko Koponen has more than 60 cranes working daily. Working with crane trucks daily gives us understanding for bodybuilding with a wider perspective. This know-how, combined with the experience of over 200 projects in bodybuilding, makes Kurko Crane the most badass bodybuilder on the market.

Our concept of selling the whole package as one product is made to help the customer to get a crane truck in the easiest way possible. AND of course with admirable quality.  Kurko Crane represents this turn-key service to all lifting companies, who need reliable, stronger and advanced crane trucks for their needs. Our mission is to listen to your will and fulfill what you desire. We gladly support you in any matter, from choosing the right equipment to taking care of the inspections and training sessions of working with crane trucks.

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Who are we?

Kurko Crane Ltd is a Finnish company that constructs and sells crane trucks in medium and heavy class under Kurko Crane™ brand.

We have 57 years of experience with cranes and lifting services with mobile cranes, telehandlers, industrial cranes, mini cranes, and crane trucks.




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In this picture above, you can understand our background for bodybuilding these types of crane trucks ourselves. We figured out that we have a lot of knowledge of different kinds of lifting, so we came up with an idea to develop our own concept of selling the whole package as one product. 

Our ideology

Kurko Cranes mission is to make the world's best crane trucks, this is why we use components of the worlds leading brands. 
Safety, environmental-, and user-friendless are important matters to us because understanding our customers' needs and challenges are the cornerstones of our business. If you have any questions or concerns, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to make the best crane trucks for you.








Kurko Crane represents a turn-key service to all lifting companies, who need bigger and better crane trucks for its needs. Our main markets are focused on Nordic countries, but we are open also for longer distances.